Female Emancipation Theory Has Ruined Completely My Life


After many years struggling for women rights,

After one year of looking for work in my country and was rejected again and again for being “overqualified” or “too learned”;

After my discomfort for being in a position below my capabilities and with 30% less than the salary of a man in the same job;

After getting angry for being disrespected in the street for unknown men, only because Mother Nature made ​​gave more flesh than the average women;

After responding with outrage for being harassed, attacked, insulted, labelled on a daily basis for expressing my ideas;

After often arguments with my boyfriend for my “too autonomous and selfish self improvement focused personality”;

I have to say that

My desire to be an emancipated woman has ruined my life:

I would like to be a woman with the soul of a doormat so:

My only concern in life would be to choose a nice wedding dress;

My only anxiety would be expecting the day a man would pick me up to take me to live with him

My only stress in the day, having the dinner at time;

All my life could be told in a brief edition of Good Housekeeping Magazine;

No need to have any special skill to make a living: It would be enough to get pregnant once a year to ensure my financial support. At the end of the day, this is what society expects from me.

No challenges to assume,

No worries for goals,

No searching for self worthy,

A life without meaning, but totally peaceful.

If I could say something in my favor, this is not entirely my fault: During my whole life I was poisoned by people around me. Yes.

This is how a father ruined the life of his daughter: Telling her that education is one of the most important sources of dignity and should never be left aside for a man, or for all the promises, trips and gifts in the world.

This is how a mother ruined the life of her daughter: Demanding her to be responsible for her own life every day and insisting that noone is worth enough to exchange a promising career for a house, a car and a mother in law.

This is how a grandmother ruined the life of her granddaughter: Saying that if she leaves her goals midway, there will be no Christmas gift for her.

This is how a girl friend ruined the life of her best girl friend forever: Confessing that a woman doesn’t go to college and engage in a career until she gets a husband, but she does this for her own merit.

This is how a group of teachers ruined the life of a female student: Telling her that she is worth much, very talented and deserves to be successful and independent.

I am tired of being in control of my life and I claim, right here right now, for the presence of a man, a guardian or a tutor to take over me.

Thanks to brainwashing perpetrated by persons in whom I trusted, the reduced cultural expectations about my role as a woman no longer make me happy.

Mind set changes caused by the theory of emancipation, AKA Feminism, are irreversible. There’s no rehabilitation.

This is how feminism ruined the lives of a woman: Turning her into a full of self awareness person.

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